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We are working to conserve the rain forest with our association with the Huaorani community of Gareno.  Each time you come here you will leave $20 for the Huaorani families of Gareno which helps their development, and encourages them to conserve the forest so other tourist may come to visit. 

You will be very comfortable in our Lodge with private and spacious rustic cabaņas that include a private bathroom with hot water and good quality mattresses.  We have space for 24 people in our cabaņas and also a simple dining open-air room.  We provide purified drinking water for our guest and our food is of excellent quality.  We will be adding electricity to our lodge very soon.


Our specialty is bird watching in this primary forest for some very difficult to find birds.  From time-to-time we receive special information from our Huaorani friends of the location of the Harpy Eagle´s nest.  Our last nest was spotted in 2004 and lasted for two and half years.  We have trails that will take you into the heart of the jungle to spot difficult to find birds such as the Rufous Potoo.

We arrange Wildlife Jungle Tours for watching wild animals in their natural environment that can last up to 10 days of unforgettable experiences as we travel down the Tiputini river.

For those interested in discovering the Huaorani secrets we offer a Cultural Jungle Program that is guided by the Huaoranies themselves in which you will learn about the medicinal plants, hunting,  fishing habits, as well as their social celebrations.

Many thanks to our sponsor the Puluahua Hostal for helping us build and manage this web site so we can reach more people interested in saving the forest through our eco-tourism programs.

Check out this great partners for affordable birding programs that support the Ecuadorian people and businesses through the Bird Watching Association for Conservation.

Mashpi-Amagusa Reserve.- The site with the highest Choco Endemic birds in Ecuador.  Visit and  see the Indigo Flowerpiercer, Moss-backed Tanager, Rose-faced Parrot,  and many more.

Pacto Sumaco.-  Best birding option to visit the Sumaco Biosphere National Park and help the local community of Pacto Sumaco.

Isla Corazon offers community owned birdwatching and mangrove tours.  A fantastic place to see mangrove and estuary birds and also help the comunnity of Puerto Portovelo.

Pululahua Hostal - Birding Tours that conserve the forest and money.

Refugio Paz de las Aves -  A great place for bird watching difficult birds up close.

Recinto 23 de Junio - The best place to see the Long-wattled Umbrellabird and help conservation.

Cueva de los Tayos.-  This is a great place to see and photograph the Oilbirds close to Mindo.


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Gareno Bridge